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Sadie’s has been a local staple in our small town of Stokesdale, NC for about 30 years and was named for the original owner’s mother. We carry Pure therapeutic essential oils (there is a difference), along with fragrance and carrier oils, candles, herbs and spices, natural teas, lotions, gels, etc.  We also make our own line of cold-process, glycerin and 3-in-1 soaps and of course we have our own ”Sadie’s” line of products with time-tested formula’s that span decades to treat many common ailments when traditional medical treatments are not doing the job.  Most of us are 60 years of age or more and have been at the store for years, because we love it here and we know we are all blessed to share a friendship and love for what we do that is contagious and because of this are not planning on going anywhere. We love people and our customers/friends tell us we are good listeners and really hear them and what they have been searching for.  Our store has that old timey feel that when new and old friends come in to visit us, is reminiscent of a time we hope people recognize as a step back in time to allow them to experience a slower, more peaceful visit focused on what’s important to them; whether it’s natural products or for a solution to something that ails you.

“I hear you have….”
This is a phrase which we are most greeted with by new customers who have been referred to our little family store.  We’ve become known locally for products which are specially formulated to HELP THE BODY HEAL. In fact, many who come to our store, have heard of our products via word-of-mouth and we have customers around the country and around the world with whom family and friends have referred us.

This web site is actually in response to the many visitors from out of town and across the country wanting to have access to our products from their areas.  They have told us that they would like to be able to have Sadie’s store in their town, and be able to get our products more often than when visiting family or friends.  So we’ve added hundreds of our hand-made products to the site for your convenience, so feel free to call us at 336-643-5123 any time should you have any questions. In the meantime, like you’d do at our local store, poke around and we will be glad to help you with answers to your questions and hopefully give you helpful options.

Last but not least…This is GOD’s store, and we feel His love abounds here. 


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